Individual Therapy

People seek out individual therapy for many reasons. Typically, these reasons relate to moments in life where we experience internal distress. Some of these moments may be loss of significant relationships, changes in life circumstances, or coming in contact with emotional experiences that are unfamiliar to us. When these distressing life situations take place, we might find that it is more difficult to engage in meaningful relationships, find enjoyment in work or other activities, or make sense our emotional experiences.

These moments of distress often take on a pattern, which can be frustrating or even debilitating. Individual therapy is a means of addressing these internal patterns through the context of a therapeutic relationship.

With a humanistic foundational approach to therapy, I help individuals uncover their internal negative patterns that result in the symptoms of psychological distress, like relational disconnection, anxiousness, and depressed mood. I also work experientially, helping individuals access and understand their underlying emotions and helping them experience their emotions safely within the therapy session.

It is the client who knows what hurts … and what experiences have been deeply buried.Carl Rogers

Emotionally Focused Therapy is empirically validated to help individuals alleviate the psychological symptoms they are experiencing. Our emotions act as an internal compass. They help influence our desires and our behaviors. They also serve as our guide in the therapeutic process. Our emotions and attachment history work as a map that can lead us to places in our lives where deeper work can be done to uncover underlying psychological patterns that contribute to our internal distress.