Counseling Services

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process that helps people find relief from the distress that comes up across the course of our lives, and leads us toward a greater sense of satisfaction and well being. The relationship between you and your therapist is designed to be a secure place from which you can safely explore yourself, your relationships, and the areas in which you might feel stuck. Therapy offers you an opportunity to delve into different areas of your life in a nonjudgemental and confidential environment, receiving guidance and support in areas where clarity is needed. Therapy validates the essential nature of our humanity and the common struggles that we all encounter. Within the context of this accepting relationship, healing from old wounds is possible and we can explore new ways of responding to the changing demands of our lives. Each of us are the expert on our own lives. My role as a therapist is to become familiar with who you are and to join you in your journey, providing a different vantage point and clinical expertise along the way.

Couples Therapy

Distress in a relationship is the cause of a multitude of problems that bring people to therapy. It impacts family functioning, individual life satisfaction, and can contribute to problems of anxiety, depression, or addiction. Utilizing a systemic approach and the techniques of Emotionally Focused Therapy, we will work together to gain connection and intimacy within your relationship.

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Individual Therapy

Some of the reasons people seek help are to resolve issues of depression, anxiety, trauma, worry, low self-esteem or self-worth, anger, addiction, stress, grief, and more. I am trained in various modalities of psychotherapy, but have determined through years of experience that an integration of methods is the key to effective intervention. I provide comprehensive therapy using a wide variety of therapeutic techniques to help people move further along the path towards contentment and health.

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